Thursday, December 1, 2016

101 power thoughts to Motivate YOU

Motivation is important. It is what energizes you, pushes you forward and drives you to take action towards accomplishing your goals. It not only gets you started but keeps you going with enthusiasm to do things you set out to do. Nothing gets done without motivation. A potentially productive day can turn into a wasted day if you don’t have the drive to get on your feet and start working. Everyone, now and then, needs a little push to get them going. It is through motivation that you can give your best and tap your full potential. Motivation is the cornerstone for success. It can influence you, affect your beliefs and transform your life. You can get a lot accomplished when you are driven and saturated with motivation.

So here are 101 thoughts just for you that will motivate you, speak to you, resonate with you, empower you and drive you forward on your success journey.
  1. Get driven into your ambition, pursue your goals passionately and you’ll see your dreams come alive.
  2. If you’ve been hoping for a successful future, now is the time to stop thinking and start creating.
  3. Problems come, things go wrong. Stuff happens. It is how you deal with it that makes all the difference.
  4. Life is happening right now. Stop postponing chasing your dreams until tomorrow.
  5. Being content with mediocrity is the biggest mistake you can make in life.
  6. You have the power to change your mindset and the right mindset can change the course of your life.
  7. Mute the noise of self- doubt. Stop second guessing yourself. Trust yourself and let self-belief lead you on the path to success.
  8. Accept yourself the way you are. You don’t have to be perfect to love yourself.
  9. Believing you have it in you what it takes to succeed is the first step. Setting goals is the next.
  10. Success is not a chance finding. It is a hard earned thing.
  11. Stop worrying about disappointing others. Start focusing on meeting your own expectations.
  12. Others may help you set goals and make plans but you have to walk the path.
  13. To succeed at anything, consistency is as important as competence.
  14. You cannot have it all but if you try hard enough, you can have a lot.
  15. Negativity is everywhere. You’ve got to make a choice- let it overwhelm you or use it to build a stronger you.
  16. If you allow your past to steal your present you are preparing yourself for an unhappy future.
  17. Life is about turning negatives into positives, obstacles into opportunities, moments into lasting memories.
  18. Success journey doesn’t have to be stressful. Enjoy the ride, learn and get enriched from the challenges you face.
  19. Many of day to day battles must be won in your thoughts first. That’s where success begins.
  20. Setting ambiguous goals is the surest way to get lost on your journey to success.
  21. Things won’t change until you want them to change and put in efforts to bring that change.
  22. You’ll never know what you’re capable of until you push yourself to the edge. To realise your full potential stretch your boundaries.
  23. Don’t let others’ opinion and judgement affect your confidence. You are capable of achieving more than they think you can.
  24. The more others push you down, the more you should use all your strength to bounce back.
  25. If you want to lead the pack and achieve success thicker and faster, begin working harder and longer.
  26. Don’t wish for things to happen. Recognise your potential, rely on your ability to work hard and make things happen.
  27. Willingness to move forward against all odds is what defines a winner.
  28. You have the ability and the strength to accomplish your goals. If you think otherwise, it’s time to change your thoughts and beliefs.
  29. Don’t blame others for the troubles in your life. Take charge of your life and start taking responsibility for the choices you make and the decisions you take.
  30. The greatest wisdom lies in understanding of your strengths and being aware of your weaknesses.
  31. Pursuit of success isn’t easy. That’s why few take the plunge. Those who do, accomplish their goals. Others have lifelong regrets.
  32. Being content with mediocrity is the biggest mistake you can make.
  33. Don’t fear the hard times. They bring out the best in you and build a tougher you.
  34. To recognise your ability is wisdom. To tap into your full potential is strength. Reaching there is success.
  35. 3 things to break yourself free from if you want to excel- closed mind, comfort zone, negative thoughts.
  36. A winner is one who knows what he wants to achieve, can figure out how he wants to achieve it and then goes all the way to actually achieve it.
  37. Stop worrying about disappointing others. Start focusing on meeting your own expectations.
  38. Get clear on your goals and you’ll figure out the shortest path to reach them.
  39. Stop giving yourself a hard time for not being perfect. Focus on being your best.
  40. No matter how many goals you’ve achieved there’s always room for more. Keep striving. Keep raising the bar higher.
  41. The answer to ‘what it takes to succeed’ is simple: you must love what you strive for and be unwilling to give up before you get it.
  42. In the dictionary of success, fear means failure.
  43. When you say no to fear, you open doors to a world of infinite possibilities and opportunities.
  44. Don’t wait for others to give you a push and show you the way. Be driven by your calling and march ahead towards your goals.
  45. Weaknesses become impediments when you fail to recognise them and take steps to overcome them.
  46. You ruin your chance to live a happy life when you fail to make a choice between living in quantity and living with quality.
  47. Don’t cut yourself short to measure up to others. You were born to live up to your own expectations.
  48. Without efforts, life doesn’t change or get better. To get things done, you need to get going and make things happen.
  49. Talent is not enough to succeed. You also need determination, will power, perseverance and a burning desire to succeed.
  50. The difference between those who succeed and others is that the successful finish many things they start while others finish only a few things of the many that they start.
  51. You can achieve and get done in life more if you learn to prioritise in your life.
  52. Stress is like pollution- ever present in your life. You cannot get rid of it but if you are motivated enough, you can manage it effectively.
  53. Never let your circumstances overwhelm you or negative thoughts to overpower you. Keep the faith, hold on to your dream and keep pushing. Your self-belief will propel you towards your goals.
  54. The road to success is not all smooth sailing. When difficulties knock you off balance, even the best can crack under pressure. People who rise to the occasion are the ones who are mentally tough and have the strength to outlast every obstacle that comes their way.
  55. Instead of comparing yourself with others or wishing you were different, dare to be yourself. It is your individuality that encompasses what you really are.
  56. You cannot always change your circumstances or alter your situation but you can develop positive attitude and make the best use of them.
  57. It is the pursuit of meaningful things not material things that makes your life happy.
  58. Don’t let your comfort zone suffocate your ambition. Step out and bring your dreams to life.
  59. Success isn’t about staying ahead of others. It’s about getting ahead in life and accomplishing your life goals.
  60. Whatever you set out to achieve stick to it long enough, give it all you’ve got and you’re sure to get it.
  61. Hope enables you to look ahead and faith empowers you to look further than you can see.
  62. It is not so much the amount of time spent pursuing a goal as the quality of efforts put in that shows incredible results.
  63. There’s a great wealth outside the comfort zone. Break out of the cocoon, challenge yourself and live a life of excellence.
  64. Stop being comfortable with being ‘okay.’ You have the ability to do great things. Your best is still within you. Unlock your true potential.
  65. Don’t regret lost opportunities. Sometimes the misses can teach more valuable lessons than the hits.
  66. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Seeking new opportunities, taking your chances and breaking new grounds is the only way you can position yourself for success.
  67. Don’t give in to the temptation of instant gratification. The best things in life are worth waiting for.
  68. You push yourself into mediocrity when you live below your potential. Challenge yourself, expand your horizon, learn, grow, excel.
  69. Develop a growth minded attitude, always aim at taking yourself to the next level and your will be surprised how much you can accomplish in your life.
  70. Those who don’t take risks, rarely commit mistakes. But then they don’t grow either.
  71. Life is never perfect. Life is what you make it to be. You can either play the victim, give in to the circumstances or you can choose to be the victor and live life on your own terms.
  72. If you don’t focus on the goals that matter, it doesn’t matter what you achieve.
  73. Your values serve as a compass helping you navigate through the intricacies of life and guiding you to live a meaningful life.
  74. In life things don’t always pan out. But that isn’t reason enough to stop planning your life.
  75. Don’t bother about others’ opinion about you. What matters is your conviction and grit to reach your goals.
  76. The secret to happiness is to live life in sync with your core values.
  77. Everyone can set goals. Achievers are those who can figure out how to accomplish the goals and then go all out to reach there.
  78. Life is short and unpredictable. Don’t put all your efforts and resources mapping out the future. Figure out your present and live each moment as best as you can.
  79. Life isn’t only about achieving goals. It’s also about giving meaning, adding value to your life and bettering it in all ways possible.
  80. You are unique; one of a kind. Don’t suppress your true self out of fear of being rejected or mocked at by others. Take pride in being what you are.
  81. Live your life your own way. Don’t let others push you around.
  82. Don’t let life’s struggles get you down. Learn to gain strength and grow from every difficult experience.
  83. Life doesn’t come with a user’s manual or with a set of solutions to go with its problems. You have to devise your own ways and means to handle it. Your success lies in how well you can sort out the challenges.
  84. All great achievements require hard work and commitment. If you master the art of self-discipline, you can reach your full potential, create breakthrough results and design the life that you always desired.
  85. Don’t dissipate your energies doing too many things and pursuing too many goals. Channelise your efforts on a few worthwhile goals and pursue them fervently.
  86. Negative self-talk and poor self-image can trip you up on the path of success. Value yourself; raise your self-esteem.
  87. The problems in life will never change. But what can change is your Attitude-how you take them and your Approach- how you tackle them.
  88. Disappointments don’t announce before coming. But if you keep yourself motivated and maintain a positive frame of mind, you can escape a lot of anger and annoyance.
  89. To succeed in life, you must identify your strong points, understand your true potential, hinge on your strengths and capitalise on your talent.
  90. The fiercest battles are not fought outside with others but with the enemy within. You win every time you overcome negativity and choose to live a positive and upbeat life.
  91. No matter how many goals you have accomplished or how many achievements you have to your credit, there is always room for more. As long as you breathe, give yourself something to look forward to, keep setting goals- that is the secret of a long life.
  92. There are two kinds of negative people in this world- those who will steal your dreams and those who will make you abandon your dreams; be wary of both.
  93. It is not important for others to believe in you; what is important is that you believe in yourself and believe with conviction.
  94. The world is full of dream crushers who will try to squash your dream, toss it aside and tell you- what you want to achieve is not possible. Don’t believe them. Carry on anyway and you will prove them all wrong.
  95. Having failed is not the worst feeling. Knowing you didn’t give your best is even more tormenting.
  96. Life is too short to be drifting through aimlessly. Make it meaningful- set yourself worthwhile goals and go after them passionately.
  97. In the end, what you get is not what you wished for but what you have earned for yourself.
  98. Sometimes on the journey of success, when you are feeling low and lost, all you have to do is to look through the rear view mirror- you will be glad how far you have come.
  99. Life can be tough but this isn’t reason enough to give up. Each time you fall, dust yourself off and come back stronger.
  100. You can never be too young, too old, too successful or too content to chase your goals. Follow your passion and go for it.
  101. Push your limits, challenge yourself. There is more in you than you ever imagined.


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